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Hater News

Haterz gon' hate. But now you know who the haterz are.

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The internet is covered in trolls who are filled with hate. It's time we started to expose them and put them in their place. Look for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit versions and a Chrome Extention as well. Want to help out? Feel free to fork the project or contribute to the codebase. Reach Out

Hater News is a project made by Kevin McAlear.


You give the program a username from Hacker News. It finds the 50 most recent comments that the user has made and runs the probability of each comment being insulting using SciKit Learn's Count Vectorizer, some additional hand-rolled features, and Logistic Regression. If you want to learn more, feel free to check out the iPython Notbook for a detailed explanation.

Trolling For Your Troll Level...